Principles & Values

🌬️ Air = Sustainability
  • Lead with compassion.
    • Be someone's aircover.
    • Have compassion for others and yourself.
    • Turn inner emotion into outward action.
  • Integrate wellness.
    • Recognize when to take a breather to avoid burnout and gain fresh perspectives.
    • Take care of yourself in order to take care of others and nurture the community.
    • Strive for a balanced and healthy mind, body, and spirit.
Light = Community
  • Foster collaboration.
    • Create belonging by lighting the way.
    • Learn and build together. Help each other grow.
    • Prioritize people and relationships.
  • Remember to have fun.
    • Bring laughter and joy.
    • Be each other’s hype squad.
    • Cherish the experiences and relationships along the journey.
🌱 Nutrients = Growth Mindset
  • Have a bias to action.
    • Be a proactive problem solver.
    • Fail fast. Learn and grow by doing.
    • Take ownership and responsibility.
  • Stay curious.
    • Be willing to adapt, try new things, and take risks.
    • Seek diverse perspectives.
    • Listen and be open to different POVs.
🌡️ Temperature = Purpose
  • Be present.
    • Show up fully with passion and rigor.
    • Be prepared and ready for change.
    • Value your time and other people’s time.
  • Act with intention.
    • Align actions and decisions with our purpose—our why—for consistency and unity.
    • Gather meaningfully and with intention for positive outcomes
    • See the bigger picture and the details.
💧 Water = Integrity
  • Live authentically.
    • Be true to yourself and your beliefs.
    • Be genuine, real, and vulnerable.
    • Take off the mask.
  • Give trust.
    • Be clear, honest, and transparent.
    • Communicate mindfully—and with empathy—but fearlessly candidly to build trust.
    • Trust that people are coming from a good place.